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the webmaster must have been many who know what it was ‘Alexa’. For the owners of web / blog must also have heard or seen the word ‘Alexa Rank’ it. Alexa is a company that measures traffic rankings of a web based Alexa toolbar usage patterns within a 3 months. Ranking of a website based on measurement of ‘reach’ and ‘page views’. ‘Reach’ is measured by looking at the number of global Internet users who visit a particular site while ‘Page views’ is the total number of alexa users are requesting the URL of a site. Repeated requests a URL from one user on the same day will be counted as a single page view.

After seeing what the meaning of Alexa, we can conclude that the alexa rank of course very useful to see how many visitors the web / blog that we manage all this. However, there are also some people who cons of that conclusion. They considered that the calculation of alexa ranking is not accurate and can cheat by webmasters who must have experience in that field.

However, Alexa rank is needed if we want to monetize a web / blog us. There are several commercial websites (providing wages if we write a review) which requires the alexa rank of a web of restrictions listed in a particular. They are more ‘respect’ to the website that has traffic alexa rank high.

With the experience of domains that I had earlier and guidance from several well-known bloggers, in this post I will present several ways to increase Alexa Traffic Rank. The steps as follows:

1. Alexa toolbar installed. This toolbar is more compatible with Mozilla Firefox browser and known by the name Sparky ‘The Alexa Toolbar for Firefox. These add-ons and I have put performant was satisfactory. I could see the Alexa Rank of the web that I visit on the bottom corner Firefox browser.

2. Install Alexa widget on sidebar or other in your website to find out alexa rank and link popularity of your website.
3. Use the links redirect to on our blog. Example: Please replace my writings that give the red color with a URL (address) of web / blog you. I often use this redirect address at every opportunity, for example in an email signature or forum signature that I follow.

4. Start related posts about Alexa Rank optimization as I do this . I hope successfully.

5. Create high quality articles, weight and nice to read so that the visitors feel comfortable when visiting our website and of course to increase traffic to our web traffic. I once read an interesting article and may be useful for you all about how to popularity our website link
6. Blog walking frequently. Visit the web / other people’s blogs and post your comment in order to establish a connection and companionship of our web promotion event itself.
7. Join the mailing list or forums. Do not forget to include signature in which there is a link of our website.

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